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#09 – Desperate Housewives

Honey, I told you not to disturb when I’m making dinner. You really need to stop talking about getting a divorce. Gosh, my makeup’s a huge mess, I’ve got to fix that. And, I think we’ll need a new rug now.

When I found out about the theme I was really excited because so many references popped into my mind that I could pull from. For this look, I was mainly inspired by The Stepford Wives and Beyonce’s Why Don’t You Love Me, including Bree Van De Kamp from Desperate Housewives. I imagined myself as a ‘perfect’ housewife who is devoted, loving, and has OCD. She’s worked so hard in keeping the household perfect all these years and isn’t about to let a divorce ruin everything in her life. What happens next, well, I’m sure you can figure the rest out.

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Hair: Carla | ::Tukinowaguma:: | Group Gift
Mascara: Mascara Tears | *Mon Cheri* | Black Fair Gift
Dress: Green Plaid Tunic Dress | G SLOANE | Peace On Earth Hunt 6
Ring: See Ya, Bye! Gold Ring | FAUX | Unavailable
Gun: Pistol | [DandelionWine] | Top Designers of Second Life Halloween Hunt
Shoes: Dita Yellow | ATHOR | Group Gift
All photography by Rayne Morgan.
ModelBehavior, ModelCollab

Photo Shoot With Kira J.

Awhile ago I contacted Kira after I saw her listing on the Second Life community forums. She’s a freelance photographer and she was open to working with me to improve her portfolio and vice versa. I was really excited and we got down to business a few days later.

Remember the shot for my *VoguE* application? Here’s another close-up from that same photo shoot.

We also did an editorial shot in a sandbox later. It was so difficult picking the right pose because there were just too many great ones! In the end we settled on this and I’m really glad with the way it turned out! And did I mention how much I love this amazingly detailed dress by Eshi Otawara!

I wanna apologise to Kira for being sooooo fickle during the shoot, changing my hairstyles and my eyes to get the right look for my photos. And thank you so much for being so patient with me!

Kira’s always looking for more people to practise her photography skills on so feel free to contact her in SL!

Stay tuned for more posts featuring our collaboration!

Love, Kai

*VoguE* close-up
Makeup: Eyeshadow Missy Coldbrown | [ M O N S ] | American Bazaar’s Power of 3 Hunt Prize
Editorial shoot
Hair: Laura | ::Tukinowaguma:: | Group Gift
Dress & Earrings: Black Dahlia | Eshi Otawara | Group Gift
Shoes: Pony Girl Boots | Boudoir | Group Gift
All photography by Kira J.