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#66 – Heavy Metal Part 2

Aaaaand here is the second part to my three-part editorial titled Heavy Metal, where I try my best to show off as many accessories as I can, while still being tasteful haha. This editorial features another hair, Kayla from pr!tty. I decided to keep the hairs I’m blogging for this editorial by the same label and color so it seems more believable that it comes from the same magazine, if you shall.
I’m not sure whether the group gift from Pure Melody is still available, but Pure Melody is a spin-off label from Pure Poison, I’m sure you’ve heard of them. While you’re there, you should pick up the many amazing group gifts by Pure Poison, and they have just released a pair of heels as the newest group gift just yesterday! Isn’t that exciting??? New shoes to add to my collection haha.
The Pop Lock & Drop necklace by E.A.W is an old release, when her label was still called FAUX. It might still be available if you contact the creator, Esmeralda (esmeralda80 resident) for purchase. The Tied Sweater Dress I’m wearing is also from her label.
The rings are by ::GABRIEL::, a huge menswear label, and the rings are a gift for ‘liking’ their Facebook page. Just ‘like’ the page, and go in-store to claim your gift, it’s quite easy. The bracelets come from a Penumbra Fashion Show gift by {T.O.D}, but sadly the event is over and so the gift is no longer available. ūüė¶
The watch I’m wearing is from a small label, [meisu]. I thought the items in the store were lovely, but I haven’t been able to find their store anymore, even after following the LM on the creator’s (Avicy resident) profile. If you’re interested to check out the items she sell, perhaps you guys should contact her personally through IM.
Remember, there’s a part three to this, so do check back soon ok!
Love, Kai
Hair: Kayla Ponytail Version | pr!tty
Skin: Penny Asia | Glam Affair | TSS Freebie (Unavailable)
Eyes: Grey Brown Eyes | *Amacci* | Freebie Wall
Earrings: Mistique Earrings | [Pure Melody] | Group Gift
Hands: Casual Female Hands | Slink
Necklace: Pop Lock & Drop Necklace | E.A.W
Rings: Curb Chain Rings¬†| ::GABRIEL:: | Facebook ‘Like’ Gift
Bracelet: Greek Key Bracelets | {T.O.D} | Penumbra Fashion Week Gift (Unavailable)
Watch: 1 Week Watch | [meisu] | (Unavailable)
Dress: Tied Sweater Dress Cream | E.A.W
Photography by Jackson Redstar.
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Hat: Neutral Rounded Hat | FAUX at Kustom9 | 70L
Hair: Heart Honeycomb Roots | lamb. | Group Gift
Top: White Cropped Top | BLOKC | 75L
Bracelet: You | a m o r o u s | Freebie
Hands: Casual Female Hands | Slink | 450L
Nails: Just Dark Metals Polish | {ZOZ} | 120L
Handbag: Moustache Bag Black |¬†sixboi’s¬†| Freebie
Skirt: Plaid Asymmetrical Skirt | BLOKC | 90L
Shoes: It Girl Shoes | {BSD Design Studio} | Peace On Earth Hunt 6
All photography by Rayne Morgan.
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#09 – Desperate Housewives

Honey, I told you not to disturb when I’m making dinner. You really need to stop talking about getting a divorce. Gosh, my makeup’s a huge mess, I’ve got to fix that. And, I think we’ll need a new rug now.

When I found out about the theme I was really excited because so many references popped into my mind that I could pull from. For this look, I was mainly inspired by The Stepford Wives and Beyonce’s Why Don’t You Love Me, including Bree Van De Kamp from Desperate Housewives. I imagined myself as a ‘perfect’ housewife who is devoted, loving, and has OCD. She’s worked so hard in keeping the household perfect all these years and isn’t about to let a divorce ruin everything in her life. What happens next, well, I’m sure you can figure the rest out.

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Hair: Carla | ::Tukinowaguma:: | Group Gift
Mascara: Mascara Tears | *Mon Cheri* | Black Fair Gift
Dress: Green Plaid Tunic Dress | G SLOANE | Peace On Earth Hunt 6
Ring: See Ya, Bye! Gold Ring | FAUX | Unavailable
Gun: Pistol | [DandelionWine] | Top Designers of Second Life Halloween Hunt
Shoes: Dita Yellow | ATHOR | Group Gift
All photography by Rayne Morgan.
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#07 – I Love Paris

Whenever I think of Paris, I get whisked to a world of romance and fashion. Paris is one of the world’s most iconic fashion capitals, with big events like Fashion Week being held there. What I really like about Paris Fashion Week is not the shows, but the street styles of models, bloggers and people from the industry.

I get very fascinated with the way they style themselves and hence for this particular shoot I was very inspired to recreate the Paris Street Style. Just like during Paris Fashion Week, I imagine myself walking on the streets of Paris, heading from one venue to another for the next fashion show when someone stops to take a photo of me. I’ve chosen a more relaxed style and accessorised my look with a hat to shield myself from the sun, and of course, the it bag (a must for every fashionista)!

Alright guys, I need to hurry to my next show now, it’s Alexander McQueen and I’m glad I’m appropriately dressed in tartan. I hope you like my Paris Street Style!

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Hat: Bright Rounded Hat | FAUX at Kustom9 | 70L
Hair: Heart Honeycomb Roots | lamb. | Group Gift
Bustier: Black Cutout Bustier | BLOKC | 75L
Skirt: Chloe Jersey Draped Skirt Tartan | .: vive nine :. | Freebie
Necklace: Leather Cord Gold Grill Necklace | {Opal} | 99L
Ring: See Ya, Bye! Gold Ring | FAUX | Unavailable
Handbag: Black Croc Leather Handbag | L E V E N C H Y | 220L
Shoes: Tundra Khaki Boots | Just Design | Group Gift
All photography by Rayne Morgan.