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#112 – Crossover

Remember I promised change in my last post? I’ve kept to my words and this is the first change you’ll be seeing here on the blog. I’ve always had a love for editorials and after getting inspired by so many amazing Flickr users, I thought, why not incorporate that editorial theme further into my photos too?
And this is the first crossover between Model On A Budget and Damn, Kai! so it had to be exciting!
For this shoot I was super inspired by the haute couture mask from Vale Koer that was sold out at Project Limited last year. I knew the styling had to be modern, and so I opted for a simple studio background with simple poses. I started with my male avatar, and I knew that I wanted something structured, so I chose the Kang blazer by David Heather for the March round of TMD and completed the look with the buttondown from the label’s Seventeen suit.
For my female avatar, I wanted a complete contrast in terms of color, so I picked black as the main color, like the Tory plunge dress in onyx by Rowne, as well as the Vers platforms, again by David Heather for uber. For the handbag, it needed to be stylish, something like an it-bag, so I opted for Murray‘s Ekberg leather tote as it had a stylish silhouette, and picked it in white to contrast nicely against the dress in the photo.
Since the outfits were kinda simple, with poses that weren’t too complicating would be perfect for showcasing the items. And so with Jackson’s help, I thought it turned out pretty amazing, and I’m really happy with the results.
What do you guys think of this crossover project? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
Love, Kai
On her
Mask: Haute Couture Trillion Mask | Vale Koer | Project Limited 2015 (Unavailable)
Skin: Aneko Chai | Elysium
Body: Lara Mesh Body | Maitreya
Hands: Lara Mesh Hands | Maitreya | Comes with the mesh body
Dress: Tory Plunge Dress | Rowne
Handbag: Ekberg Leather Tote | Murray
Feet: Lara Mesh Feet | Maitreya | Comes with the mesh body
Shoes: Vers Platforms | David Heather for uber
On him
Visit Damn, Kai! for full credits
Photography by Jackson Redstar.

Time For Fashion Week

Hey everyone, I guess if you’re into fashion just like me, you’ll probably know that Fashion Week has already took place in New York, Milan and Paris, and the next part of it happens in London. Coinciding with that, is Second Life’s very own Penumbra Fashion Week, from the 17th of October, running all the way till the 24th.
Expect lots of new clothing releases by more than 50 different labels! That means it’s time to get new clothes off the racks, and you’ll be totally on trend. There will be more than 280 outfits in 16 spectacular productions. That equates to about 2 shows per day to attend! It’s definitely gonna be a busy period for designers, bloggers and you, the audience!
And for this season, I’ve been picked to become a blogger for the event. So for the next few posts, do expect to see the latest releases from a few designers and do attend the shows or pay the mainstore a visit if take a liking to the items! See you soon!
Love, Kai
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Taking The Leap

So many exciting things have been happening these recent weeks! I know I haven’t had a chance to do a proper post like this to you guys and it’s been the longest time since I had a ModelBehavior post. I guess this post is the post for you guys to keep up with what I’ve been doing.
First, I made it as an official Lybra blogger, yay! Working with Jackson post after post for two weeks, it did pay off. After hitting ModelLook #50, I decided I wanted to take my blog one step further from the usual blogging. I knew I wanted to do something more related to what I’ve always been dreaming about (and you guys do know), being a model. So with every look from #50, I was constantly inspired by editorials from all around the world and sought to create my own version of that. I hope you guys are liking it, cos I do, and I know some of my sponsors do too, so I’m really really glad that I went towards this direction with my shoots.
So now that I’m an official blogger for Lybra, I also made it into becoming a blogger for the Event @ 1st. That also means that there will be more posts from the event to come, I promise. This month’s theme is Anime so it should be quite exciting to show you guys what I’ve done with the Anime/Japanese-inspired items the designers have come up with!
And next, is that I’ve begun to apply to SL publications for jobs. I did apply to some for modeling jobs, some for writing jobs and some for general administrative jobs. I can’t tell you guys anything yet, so if you see my name in any SL publication it means I did get a job! It’s a tease, I know, but what’s the point if there’s no excitement? I would advise you guys to get a job if you don’t have one yet, SL publications are a good place to start if you like to write, or like photography. You get to enjoy what you’re doing, and at the same time get rewarded for it too, not just monetarily but also in terms of recognition!
Moving to the main point, it brings me to the title of this post. And also it explains the photo for this post you see up there. Remember I mentioned in my previous post that I was in the midst of changing my shape and looks? And I didn’t tell you guys the reason for it. Well, here goes…
Miss Virtual World 2016!
Now you see how I’m taking the leap? Haha I’ve never thought of myself as someone who can go up against all these well-trained models and talented girls but something in me just said ‘Ok, you know what, let’s do this and give it a shot!’, and so I did it! I changed my shape further and put on my best hair (for now), the Bambi hair, a pretty awesome group gift by D!va, and made myself fashion royalty with the amazing Garden State jewelry set released by Phe a little while ago and went for a photoshoot with Jackson to get the perfect headshot, or at least a headshot good enough to audition for Miss Virtual World. And come on guys, don’t you think Jackson did a really good job with the photo? Love him so much!
This felt good, to be able to talk to you guys and let you know about what I’ve been doing lately in SL. There’s something else I haven’t told you yet, but that needs to be seen to be revealed haha. It will definitely appear soon, in the next few posts! In the meantime, feel free to comment here or contact me in-world if you like, to let me know what you think. Or if you have any experience of yours that you’d like to share with me, I’ll be really glad to talk to you. Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite!
Love, Kai
Hair: Bambi | D!va | Group Gift
Tiara: Garden State Tiara | BaUbLeS! by Phe
Skin: Aneko Chai | Elysium for anyBODY
Eyes: Grey Brown Eyes | *Amacci* | Freebie Wall
Lipstick: Natural Lips | The Hellish Diva
Earrings: Garden State Earrings | BaUbLeS! by Phe
Necklace: Garden State Necklace | BaUbLeS! by Phe
Photography by Jackson Redstar at Chakryn Forest.

Come Back Home

He told me he had to leave to fight in the war to protect our land. It’s been 3 years now. I stand here waiting everyday, hoping to catch a glimpse of the boat you left me on. Please, come back home.

After hearing about this sim I decided to check it out. And boy, was I blown away by how detailed everything on the sim was. The views and the architecture was nothing short of amazing too. The torii in the waters, the shrine hidden among the bamboo forest, the curved bridge overlooking the majestic waterfall, the little tea house surrounded by a lotus pond, these little details made me fall in love with the place instantly. Here are some pictures of the sim I took.

Also, this is my first time attempting to take photos! I tried to make it look as romantic as possible so please pardon me for the quality of the final result haha. The picture turned out quite dark so it’s a little hard to see what I have on, but it’s essentially the same items I have on for ModelLook #03. If you’re into Japanese themed sims, I urge you to visit Taka no Sakura and start exploring right away! Oh, and try to find the hidden onsen!

Hair: Unbirthday Redux Obsidian | lamb. | Freebie
Skin: Medusa | 7 Deadly s{K}ins
Eyes: Grey Brown Eyes | *Amacci* | Freebie Wall
Headpiece 1: Fuyu Botan Hair Accessory | -IrodorI- | Group Gift
Headpiece 2: Kozuchi Hair Hair Accessory | -IrodorI- | Group Gift
Headpiece 3: Nagori Zakura Hair Accessory | -IrodorI- | Group Gift
Earrings: Encircled | a m o r o u s | Freebie
Lipstick: Collagen Lips V3 Red | Pink Acid | Group Gift
Hands: Casual Female Hands | Slink
Kimono: Rinzu Black | *:..Silvery K..:* 
Geta: Black | *:..Silvery K..:*
All photography at Taka no Sakura.
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Summer Of Love

Hey everyone, meet Jackson Redstar! He’s another amazing photographer (check out his Flickr!) and we decided to start our collaboration by taking part in the Amarelo Manga Summer of Love photo contest. All you have to do is to join the group, get the free swimsuit group gift and start taking photos with your significant other! Who knows, you might win 10,000L in Amarelo Manga products!

I kept this look really simple, as I felt that the overall setting for the photo and mood were more important than the two of us were. Hence, I accessorised the look with a natural lip, slightly wind-blown hair and some gold bracelets. The locations were important in telling the story, so we chose a pool at a mansion for our summer outing. For the other photo, it was just a simple ‘let’s enjoy our summer and relax’ feel, hence we went for the cute little food trailer.

You can submit your photos on the Amarelo Manga Facebook group here. My post will be up soon (just waiting for the admin to approve), please vote for it if you like it!

And last but not least, thanks Jackson once again for taking these amazing photos!

Hair: Vivienne | pr!tty
Lipstick: Natural Lips | The Hellish Diva
Swimsuit: Sahy Nautical | [AMARELO MANGA] | Group Gift
Hands: Casual Female Hands | Slink
Bracelets: July Bracelets | Pure Poison | Group Gift
Feet: High Female Feet | Slink
All photography by Jackson Redstar at The Lefevre Mansion and Baja Norte.
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I’m Back!

Hey everyone, I’m back to blogging again after such a long break and boy, I have so many outfits lined up for all of you! I also have an announcement to make, including some changes!

So, first of all, remember that amazing Boho Dress from Il Sogno here? The designer, and also one of the nicest people I’ve met, Occasus Jayaram, released that dress as part of her pre-debut Moroccan Summer collection. It’s been a few months now and she is currently working on her first debut collection entitled Nighttime Reverie. Sounds exciting, right? I totally agree!

To promote the upcoming collection, she has gotten a few bloggers, including myself to blog 4 of the looks before they hit the shelves. The next 4 ModelLook posts will be dedicated to the Nighttime Reverie collection and the pieces are really amazing, so you gotta check back often!

Although the Nighttime Reverie collection won’t be released anytime soon, the Moroccan Summer collection is still available for a limited time only! And if you would like to know more about Il Sogno, feel free to visit Occasus’ in-world store right here, or you can just send her an IM if you’re the kind who prefers conversations!

And now, moving on to some changes you’ll be seeing on my blog! Some readers have told me that they were interested in finding out why I make certain styling choices in putting my looks together so I decided that I will add in a short description with my ModelLook posts on my inspiration for the looks when appropriate. I hope that it’ll help you guys in making your own styling choices too!

Also, I will be unveiling a new category called ModelTalk, where I – fingers crossed – interview designers, bloggers and other noteworthy people about their SL lives. Of course there will be topics on fashion, I promise you! It will definitely be an exciting addition to the blog so be sure to look out for it! That’s all from me for now!

Love, Kai

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The Kollective & Elysium

So, it’s been a really really long time since I’ve done a post with lots of complete sentences. This time, I’m so excited to tell you guys about the two latest things I’ve just begun to become a part of!

First up is a monthly event which brings together both designers and bloggers to showcase the amazing potential of both sides when they collaborate, called The Kollective. This initiative is led by both Katlene Niven and AnneAlyce Maertens, and is now already in its 4th year. Each month, one designer will be paired up with one blogger and that designer will have to create an exclusive design for the boutique inspired by the respective blogger. Then it’s up to us bloggers to review and showcase the designs on our blogs. And if you’re interested in getting the item for yourself, you can head down to The Kollective in-world store here.

I’ll get paired up with a designer in May, but for now I’ll just be blogging the items found at this month’s event in the upcoming posts! The theme for April is Spring Picnic and participating designers include The Hellish Diva by my dear friend, Karolinque Lilith, Stiletto Style, Serenity Style and more. You can check The Kollective’s Flickr page out here for more photos too!

The next is a person I cannot thank enough, Aleida Rhode of Elysium. Thank you so, so much for putting your faith in me and having me blog items from Elysium, even though I’m still a fairly new blogger.

Elysium has been working closely with Just Design to release shoes that fit JD’s MyFeet. The new releases are absolutely wonderful classic pumps with a huge range of colors that I can’t wait to show them off to all of you! Want to find out how they look like? Then check back often for more ModelLook posts!

Love, Kai

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#15 – Spy

A femme fatale. Britney Spears’ Toxic. These are what comes into my mind when I hear the word ‘Spy’. However, for this particular theme I only took inspiration from the former. Femme fatales are everywhere. Perhaps the most obvious ones are the Bond girls.
So I decided to bring out a little Eva Green in Casino Royale in me, as well as some Angelina Jolie in The Tourist for this shoot. All these took place in a wonderful sim inspired by Venice which is mentioned at the end of the post, so feel free to TP over and check the beautiful place out.
Unfortunately, this was also where my journey for the LIVE TO BLOG PROJECT by Heny ended due to RL commitments. It’s definitely disappointing that I’m unable to continue but I wish the best of luck to the remaining girls. Not forgetting a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me!
Hair: Bang Bang Ink Pot | little bones. | Group Gift
Lipstick: Lipstick Line 07 | M I N D B U R Y | 80L
Gown: Evening Glam Gown | .Enfant Terrible. | Subscriber Group Gift
Hands: Casual Female Hands | Slink | 450L
Bangles and Ring: Soiree | BaUbLeS! by Phe | 160L
Nails: Metals & Tips Polish | {ZOZ} | 120L
Gun: Pistol | [DandelionWine] | Top Designers of Second Life Halloween Hunt (Unavailable)
All photography by Rayne Morgan at Venexia.
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#12 – Fashion Mental Institution

It’s always a little easy to go crazy when there’s just too many clothes to choose from. For this shoot, I was mainly inspired by editorials about mental institutions and also partly by Lady Gaga’s Marry The Night video.

The shoot was supposed to be mysterious and dark but still retaining some glam factor. Was I locked in there by the rest of the world for being insane or was I in there because I wanted to?

This photo captured the ambiguity I wanted to evoke, which is also a parallel to the mental state of the patients in an asylum. What are their thoughts like? Do they know that their thoughts are off the wagon or do they actually rationalise every thought such that it seems perfectly normal? Either way, no one actually knows.

This is the fourth round of the LIVE TO BLOG PROJECT by Heny and I will need votes to get through to the next. You can vote for me by liking my photo here! Please add me on Facebook if you aren’t able to vote!

Hair: Rejoice Mousse | little bones. | Group Gift
Hairband: My Bunny Band White | [monso] | Group Gift
Makeup: Earth Black/Silver With Eyeshadow | [White~Widow] | Peace On Earth Hunt 6
Lipstick: Black Lipstick 80% | {Tilly} | Freebie
Dress: White Babydoll | Blurred Cocaine | 180L
Bangle: Rose Gold Temple Bangle | BaUbLeS! by Phe | 155L
Hands: Casual Female Hands | Slink | 450L
Feet: Mid Female Feet | Slink | 675L
All photography by Rayne Morgan.
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#11 – Your Favorite Song

Blonde high-heeled feminist, enlisting femmes for this. Express your womankind, fight for your right. – Lady Gaga, Scheiße

This is one of my favorite songs from her third studio album, Born This Way. It talks about female empowerment, and wanting to be a strong female without the nonsense that comes along. The song resonates with me very strongly since I constantly like to prove that even women can be as strong as men, power to the girls is what I love. Hence for this shoot, I decided to dress myself as a strong female, after taking inspiration mainly from Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada.

I imagine myself as the CEO of a company, or even being the owner. A strong female like me is able to rise up to the top and show that she’s the best, while still being revered by her employees. And that’s a female this song inspires me to be.

This is the third round of the LIVE TO BLOG PROJECT by Heny and I will need votes to get through to the next. You can vote for me by liking my photo here! Please add me on Facebook if you aren’t able to vote!

Hair: Kat French Vanilla | ! Sugarsmack ! | 225L
Lipstick: Elegance 01 | M I N D B U R Y | 150L
Dress: Navy Peplum Dress | L E V E N C H Y | 145L
Bangle: Falling Hearts Bangle | Exquisite Jewellery | Peace On Earth Hunt 6
Hands: Casual Female Hands | Slink | 450L
Bag: O’clock Brown Vintage Bag | sixboi’s | 395L
Shoes: Madchen Pumps High Tangerine | sixboi’s | 415L
All photography by Rayne Morgan.