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#112 – Crossover

Remember I promised change in my last post? I’ve kept to my words and this is the first change you’ll be seeing here on the blog. I’ve always had a love for editorials and after getting inspired by so many amazing Flickr users, I thought, why not incorporate that editorial theme further into my photos too?
And this is the first crossover between Model On A Budget and Damn, Kai! so it had to be exciting!
For this shoot I was super inspired by the haute couture mask from Vale Koer that was sold out at Project Limited last year. I knew the styling had to be modern, and so I opted for a simple studio background with simple poses. I started with my male avatar, and I knew that I wanted something structured, so I chose the Kang blazer by David Heather for the March round of TMD and completed the look with the buttondown from the label’s Seventeen suit.
For my female avatar, I wanted a complete contrast in terms of color, so I picked black as the main color, like the Tory plunge dress in onyx by Rowne, as well as the Vers platforms, again by David Heather for uber. For the handbag, it needed to be stylish, something like an it-bag, so I opted for Murray‘s Ekberg leather tote as it had a stylish silhouette, and picked it in white to contrast nicely against the dress in the photo.
Since the outfits were kinda simple, with poses that weren’t too complicating would be perfect for showcasing the items. And so with Jackson’s help, I thought it turned out pretty amazing, and I’m really happy with the results.
What do you guys think of this crossover project? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
Love, Kai
On her
Mask: Haute Couture Trillion Mask | Vale Koer | Project Limited 2015 (Unavailable)
Skin: Aneko Chai | Elysium
Body: Lara Mesh Body | Maitreya
Hands: Lara Mesh Hands | Maitreya | Comes with the mesh body
Dress: Tory Plunge Dress | Rowne
Handbag: Ekberg Leather Tote | Murray
Feet: Lara Mesh Feet | Maitreya | Comes with the mesh body
Shoes: Vers Platforms | David Heather for uber
On him
Visit Damn, Kai! for full credits
Photography by Jackson Redstar.

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